Sold - Series 1, Piece 3 of 62

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Art by Dexter

Series 1, Piece 3

Wood, acrylic

Series 1 is a collection of sixty two different artworks with three pieces per creation. All pieces have the ability to be hung from all sides and I encourage observers to move and place the pieces differently to explore the different combinations until they find something appealing to them. 

In Series 1 there are two specific placements/configurations which reveal the true absurdity of the piece. When the art is placed "correctly" the observer will see a large and very childish penis. The use of this hidden symbol speaks directly to how the perception of the art, no matter how absurd or childish it might seem, ultimately drives the value of the art.

Value which is created by the perception

  • the art, while simple in its creation and execution, is deep and meaningful with multiple layers and interpretations.  
  • the art is valuable due to the high cost to acquire
  • the art is valuable through the displaying of SOLD on pieces on the website. Thus validating the art as valuable and creating FOMO

* This item was sold to Intercut Productions for an undisclosed amount.